Fifa 16

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Fifa 16 ps vita . the gameplay is just plain awkward, even with amazing ratings in agility, balance, ball control and dribbling you never feel like you are 100% in control of your attackers movement. Defending is made easier which would be a good thing if they didn’t nerf attacking play to hell. Every match’s outcome seems to be a coinflip and I havent seen any legit ways of dominating a game. Fifa 14 was all about exploits, fifa 15 all about skill (great stuff), fifa 16 seems to be all about chance.

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soul sacrifice delta

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First off, I will say I come from playing games like monster hunter and other hardcore games of this style. soul sacrifice delta  ps vita fits into this genre but is just different enough to make itself stand out. There is a variety of spells, customization, etc. if you’re willing to actually stick with the game. Another review mentioned fighting the same monsters over and over, but that was for the first portion of the free quests

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football manager 2014

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review? After all, the franchise is one of the most sophisticated simulation (or for those who are still hanging onto the outdated view, “glorified spreadsheet”) games available.There are few games that can soak up my time as much as the Football Manager series can over an entire year, and it’s set to continue thanks to another solid outing. On face value there are fewer drastic improvements, but many gentle refinements to the UI and subtle additions to its newer formulas mean that Football Manager 2014 ps vita  improves solidly where it counts

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hatsune miku project diva F

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hatsune miku project diva F ps vita : I remember when rhythm games were all the rage. Mainly on the Nintendo DS, but some made it to the Wii. It seemed like every month brought a new musical dancing game where objects would move around on the screen. Our goal was to tap or press the right button when the circle (for instance) was completely inside the other circle

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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD

download Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD ps vita
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Square Enix’s labor of love re-imagines two classic Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD ps vita RPGs with stunning visual fidelity and enough content to yield hundreds of hours with some of the best role-playing in two generations

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in fez ps vita All peskiness aside, there’s a touch of brilliance to this game. You feel the incentive to play on,because solving a puzzle unlocks a new door and you enter into another uncharted and mysterious world. We love the music and the retro-style, pixelized art. Fez harks back to 2D classics, so if you’re anything like me, nostalgia should kick in almost instantly

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Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends

download Dynasty Warriors 8  Xtreme Legends ps vita
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If you have played a dynasty warriors 8 ps vita game you know how the game works run though thousands of enemies, that just stand there, and hack and slash them.Dynasty Warriors 8 essentially plays like every other Dynasty Warriors game. Read as: you don’t play for the plot, you play to level up your weapons and your attack power so that you can take down foes in one hit. Thankfully, the beautifully rendered cut scenes (which, while appreciated, are slowing our progress), can be skipped, though there is an option on one of the boards in the Wei dynasty where, if you play it a certain way, you can unlock new dialogue for Lu Bu

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Deception IV Blood Ties

download Dynasty Warriors 8  Xtreme Legends ps vita
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Deception IV ps vita  isn’t quite the return of the Deception series I wanted. The basic building blocks are largely there but the rough edges really make the game more punishing then it ought to be. It is fun having a pumpkin head fall on an enemy’s head and watch him stumble around to his untimely death. The game is designed to make it as frustrating to have these moments as possible though which puts the brakes on your enjoyment of i
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ragnarok odyssey ace

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Ragnarok Odyssey Ace ps vita  is a Monster Hunter type of game on the PS Vita and Playstation 3. Not only has this game moved from the PS Vita to the Playstation 3, but it has Cross Save. Which means you can save to the cloud on the PS3, and pick it up on the PS Vita. Or visa versa

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MLB the Show 2014

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And those are the SportsCenter highlights. MLB 14 ps vita  again offers rock-solid pitching, hitting, and fielding mechanics – and multiple choices for each one. This is, yet again, a stellar baseball simulation that’s packed with enough quality game modes to occupy and entertain me for the entire season, but there are few exciting new features, and online is currently a very laggy experience

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